In both cases, revaccination

In both cases, revaccination If the child has been vaccinated twice, the rate of vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus is complete.

In the event that took place one vaccination, vaccination can be extended BP C, which is administered once, not earlier than 3 months.

In both cases, revaccination performed ADS 9-12 months after the last vaccination.

If complications occurred after the third DTP vaccination, revaccination performed first DT 12-18 months.

Contraindications Contraindications to the administration of DTP and other vaccines containing the pertussis component are: - strong reactions and complications prior to the introduction of vaccines; - Diseases of the nervous system with progressive; - afebrile seizures in history.

Routine vaccination is not carried out during the period of acute illness and acute exacerbations of chronic diseases.

Vaccination of children with a history of allergy diagnosis is performed on the background of desensitizing therapy.

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At an early

At an early When a child begins to walk, leaning on broken moan, its deformation increases, broken form and function of the entire leg, affected gait and posture.

Treatment should begin as soon as possible, since the first days of life of the child.

At an early age, when the muscles and ligaments of the child docile and well extensible is possible to set foot on the right correct position.

Medical gymnastics and massage conducted in conjunction with orthopedic cal treatment.

Remedial massage and special exercises are performed against the backdrop of a restorative massage and gymnastics, respectively corresponding age and development of the child.

Features massage at congenital clubfoot For relaxation and inner rear leg muscles groups in which there is increased tone ryh widely used stroking, shaking muscles stretching vibration.

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1-4 lines - alternately

1-4 lines - alternately You can hold the serried fingers to his mouth, posing as Pauline eats Malinka.

Our hands are like the flowers, Fingers as petals.

Sun wakes up - Flowers disclosed.

In the dark, they again Will be very hard to sleep.

1-4 stitches - Reveal palm both hands and moves alternately each finger, "petal".

5-6 stitches - tight squeeze both hands into fists.

The game can be repeated several times.

Spider webs of Imposed itself boots.

Very fond of spiders Knitted shoes.

1-4 lines - alternately fingers of one engages hands and release the skin between the fingers of the other hand.

Bee on a flower village, Straightened proboscis Collected pollen slightly Right in the handbag on legs.

1-4 stitches - Reveal palm and index finger of the other hand perform spiraling circular strokes over the entire surface palm.

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V complex

V complex Turns from back to stomach Crawling in the semi-erect position Crawling on his back Reflex "crawling" in the supine position Bent legs child repelled from adult palm logo .

Breast Massage: - stroking (see II complex number ); - rhythmic pressure on the lateral surface of the thorax.

The lay out on the ball on his stomach and back swinging in different directions.

V complex exercises Age of child - - months.

Each exercise is repeated - times, except for exercises and , which are carried out once.

Hand Massage - stroking; - annular friction (see IV complex number , b); - stroking.

Crossing arms on his chest - a breathing exercise I.

item: baby lying on his back.

Insert the thumb in the palm of a child, others hold your Whitey his brush.

Take pen in hand - inhalation , then their cross on his chest - Exhale .

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Thus, the vibration

Thus, the vibration On the side of increased muscle tone (the concave side of the arc) applied relaxation techniques massage: stroking, frolement and gentle kneading, vibration, shaking.

W On the suction side of the tone is firming massage: stroking, more vigorous rubbing and kneading, stimulating tingle present and percussion techniques.

Massage the baby's whole body should (back, chest, abdomen, handles and feet), observing the above principle.

Position overcorrected Special exercises and interspersed necessarily combined with relaxing massage techniques.

Thus, the vibration of muscles of the trunk and legs (on the high tone) followed by stretching these muscles.

This is done as follows: put the baby on his stomach, "you convex "side to him, closer to the edge of the table.

Using both hands, grasp re child from the spastic muscle contraction and, clutching him to her, spend vibration and stretching the torso and legs, as if girding himself as a child.

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